Random Ruminations

Sometimes the Answer is “Other”

Mark 5:1-20 What scared you as a child? Was it the boogey man hiding under the bed or in the closet? Or going up into the dusty, creaky old attic? Or maybe it was the dimly lit, dank-smelling basement? At the age of 8, my family and I lived in a 100 year old house […]

Dark and Deserted

Early in Jesus’ ministry we find him at Simon’s house healing the sick. Mark states that “the whole city was gathered around the door” (1:33). It appears Jesus was a hit. Regardless of the mission people can be exhausting. Even extroverts need a break every now and then. What does Jesus do? He doesn’t sleep […]

Made Well to Serve

In the first chapter of Mark, Jesus called his disciples, taught and cast out an unclean spirit. I’ve been arguing that the events Mark recounts in his gospel are compiled to form us as disciples of Christ. They are not a written version of a video of how events transpired. The gospel writer includes these […]


“Immediately he called them; and they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired men, and followed him.” – Mark 1:20 (CEB) Before Jesus can teach us what it means to “fish for people” we have to be willing to follow. That requires us to leave behind those things we may hold dear. […]

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