The Final Stretch

It’s Monday afternoon in Spain. On Thursday Kara and I return home after spending three weeks away. The time away has been good. I would have written about it, but I left my computer at home as part of my “disconnecting.” I have resorted to typing this blog post on my phone. And if you could see me type with one finger…well you get the idea.

The experiences that have opened our minds and delighted our senses (except the public restroom at the Fes train station); the enormous history of the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco; the wonderful people we have met along the way; the gift of new friendships we have made and relationships we have rekindled. It has been quite a trip.

Instead of trip this was more like a peregrination. I’ve always enjoyed the word – peregrination. (Any polysyllabic word is cool.) Peregrination is a journey that meanders. There is an implied sense of wandering. For as much as I planned for the three weeks, there were opportunities for meanderings. In Switzerland we shelved our plans and let our friends take us into the mountains to visit a woman who makes cheese. And we were able to be there during the cooking process. We arrived in Málaga only to drive to a nearby town that has crocheted sunshades covering two of their streets. They are made by local women and they are stunning. In Morocco we interrupted our driver’s plan with our own. He agreed only to add to it with a surprise visit to a ceramic workshop. Never had we seen such craftsmanship. Upon leaving Tarifa by car we were to drive to Granada. We decided to meander through the countryside with a stop in Ronda first. Ronda has an old stone bride spanning a very deep gorge.

Although the planned aspects of the trip were great and cherished, it was the surprises in our meanderings that were truly added gifts. These experiences taught us to be careful about being over scheduled. To keep life a bit loose and noncommittal. Allow our curiosity to lead us in new directions and to different places because sometimes when we meander a good surprise awaits us.

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A middle-aged man who refuses to grow up. A husband who loves being with his spouse. A father who enjoys trying the things that interest his children. A pastor who remains restless with the ways of the Church. A writer who has no idea what he's doing.

One thought on “The Final Stretch

  1. Thank you for taking us somewhat on your journey. Glad that you are home safely and hopefully a little refreshed. Also, happy to hear you “unscheduled” a bit. I do think our calendars, mostly internal, can be our most frustrating foe. Try to remember some of the peace you have recently felt. Enjoy the rest of the summer and see you at my place of peace at Ponds.

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